Revicid Investments

Providing Real Estate Software Services

Revicid Investments excels as a service provider in the real estate sector, boasting a team with a combined industry experience of 20 years. Our team tackles each project with honesty, clarity, and a wealth of experience and knowledge about the market. For all your real estate needs, Revicid has your back.

Your Preferred Provider of Real Estate Software

Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Revicid is a real estate firm operating and investment company that offers value-added software services in the areas of land acquisition, development, management and brokerage.

We Distinguish Ourselves

Our comprehensive experience and deep understanding of the high-tech and real estate sectors afford our investment partners, clients, and third-party owners a unique advantage. Whether it's through acquisitions, developments, or managing properties, Revicid Investments stands as your reliable partner.
Revicid Investments operates under Revicid, Inc., a Delaware corporation, indicating that it functions as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider primarily offering its software solutions to affiliated limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, and joint ventures (which act as separate legal entities within the states where they operate). Revicid, Inc. does not engage directly in owning real estate. The services of Revicid Investments extend to managing and partnering with LLCs, partnerships, and joint ventures that utilize its software solutions, operating across various states as independent legal entities. In this context, the terms “Revicid” and “Revicid Investments” may refer to Revicid, Inc., or, depending on the specific context, to the array of LLCs, partnerships, and joint ventures that leverage Revicid's software services, and/or to any affiliated management or service entities. For more detailed information, interested parties are encouraged to contact Revicid Investments directly.

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